New World Beer & Cider Awards

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From a Can Peach IPA

Judges comments

The name references the song "Peaches" by The Presidents of the United States (not the current US president, mind, which other Behemoth beers reference). The key line is "Peaches come from a can / They were put there by a man..." The idea of adding fruits to IPA is not new - in fact adding fruit to beer in general is how things were traditionally done until around 500 years ago when everyone got particular about the "rules", i.e. malt, hops, yeast and water only. The peaches add a distinct aroma that is less evident on the palate as the beer becomes more traditionally an IPA in flavour, albeit with a viscous, juicy body. There's some late bitterness but not enough to tip it away from the overriding flavour profile in which sweet fruit and juicy malt intertwine in a refreshing drop.

Freedom APA

Judges comments

An absolute flavour bomb that breaks the shackles of your palate. Pronounced mandarin and undercurrents of pine on the nose. The palate is resinous and swimming in hop oils, creating a big, soft mouthfeel where the mandarin flavour takes on a more floral orange blossom note before bowing to biscuity malt. A late wave of balanced bitterness cleans up the sweet to create a holistic package of flavour. Our judges were blown away by this one from the rising star of the New Zealand brewing scene, using the word 'great' numerous times - "Awesome!! Great drinkability." "Great hop character." "Great tasting beer." "Great balance." We kid you not, it's great.