Day of the Dude - Hamilton

March 21st, 5:00am — 10:00am

Calling all Hamiltonians! We can't wait to see as many of you as possible at Craft Hamilton on Thursday the 21st for the first pour of The Dude Abides in 2019. It will be a Behemoth "Three Beer Thursday" as we offer up a veritable trifecta of three incredible beers, and of course including the most Dude beer of them all, "The Dude Abides". Jandals accepted, Shades encouraged, and Dressing Gowns highly advised. But, just don't expect to hear the Eagles on the playlist that night, that would be very un-dude. If you missed out on the chance to try this beer in 2017, it's highly advised to give it a go. It is pretty damn good. Even if that is, just, like, our opinion, man.

Craft Hamilton
15 Hood Street
New Zealand

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