Battle of the bands at Brew on Quay

March 4th, 6:00am — March 17th, 9:00am

Come join us as we rock out with old mates Brew On Quay as two of the biggest bands on the planet descend on Auckland to play Spark Arena next week. we've got a pre-drinks like no other lined up for all three shows. Whether you're a Chili or a Monkey, we've got you covered! And we're hosting our very own battles of the bands, so come on down, look good on the dancefloor, do a little dance and then drink a little water and consume a pint of your favourite band. *Ding Ding Ding!* In the Blue corner from Sheffield, Yorkshire we have "Why D'you Only Call me When You're Hoppy". A delicious, hoppy 5.8% ABV IPA. In the Red Corner from Los Angeles, California we have "Get On Hop". A juicy, hazy IPA, also weighing in at an approachable 5.8% ABV. This Chapter's gonna be a close one. We'll let the voters decide which of these two hoppy Tracey Island time- travelling diamonds deserves the title of Winner. Then the next week, the winner stays on as Beer of the Week at Brew on Quay! Behemoth will be there rompin' and a stompin' when the sun goes down giving away some merch, and generally getting down with the pow-wow with all you pre gig goers. So Before you stand in line to see the show that night there'll be a light on (heavy glow) at Brew on Quay. Take it easy for a little while, come and stay with us. We'll see you there. P.S: Knackered Converse or tracky bottoms tucked in socks are acceptable dress wear. As are black bandannas, interstellar-gator skin boots, knee socks and of course, the T-shirt and ties combination.

Brew On Quay
102 Quay Street
New Zealand

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