Chocolate. Fish. Stout - Get it here!

June 28th, 4:00pm — 11:00pm

Chocolate. Fish. Stout - Get it here!

***We'll be the only place in New Zealand to have 'Chocolate Fish' Milk Stout on tap.***

Try out the Behemoth dessert bar... raspberries, chocolate, ice cream and chocolate fish stout... Say What?

Also introducing the 'No Sleep 'til Moutere' IPA, Behemoth's entry into The New Zealand IPA Challenge.

Along side these two beauties, we've got the delicious 'Tasty Beverage' Extra Pale Ale and the classic 'Chur' NZ Pale Ale.

Come and meet the Brewer and grab yourself a pint.

16 TUN
20 Jellicoe Street
New Zealand

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