Behemoth 4th Birthday: Coffee & Doornuts!

June 14th, 5:00pm — 11:59pm

Behemoth 4th Birthday: Coffee & Doornuts!

Hey Auckland we are turning 4! To celebrate we have made a couple of awesome beers; including the brand new Good Morning Vietnam - Vietnamese Coffee Imperial Stout @ 9.99% ABV.

Now, what goes better with coffe than doughnuts? We've teamed up with the ladies @ Doornuts (part of the delicious The Pie Piper brand) on K Road to have a bit of fun with coffee beer and doughnut pairing. Sweetened condensed milk filled doughnuts are the perfect match for this Da Lat coffee stout; but don't take our word for it, come try it for yourself. It's like a trip to Vietnam without the cost of airfare.

Andrew Childs
Beer Giraffe
Behemoth Brewing

Vultures' Lane Craft Bar
10 Vulcan Lane
New Zealand

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