C's Get Degrees

West Coast IPA

This old school West Coast IPA uses a desk full of Old School American "C" hops; Cascade, Columbus, Centennial and Citra. Ok, you caught me with some notes in the exam. Citra is new world hop. but it starts with a "C" and tastes so good!

Now for a little lesson in hops: A is for Alpha Acids, which makes beer bitter and delicious. B is for Beta Acids, which makes beers

grapefruit-y, tropical and piney (like this one is). C is for all the C hops I just talked about that and are jam packed into this beer!

Brewed for the 10th Annual West Coast IPA Challenge (2017) at the Malthouse in Wellington. If you have ever been to the Malthouse, you will know that it is where you get a real beer education.

PS. C's get degrees, but they won't necessarily get you a job.

C's Get Degrees

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